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Support Group


Relationships heal. In group therapy, we connect with others to build bonds and seek healing. Group therapy is a powerful form of treatment, often referred to as “triple-E” (effective, equivalent to individual therapy, and efficient – more affordable!).

The connections formed in groups help us understand how to better know and be known by others. We explore vulnerability and witness, in real time, the impact we have on others and the impact they have on us. Group therapy provides a safe space to experiment with new behaviors, explore different ways of being, and share aspects of ourselves that we may hesitate to reveal. Importantly, it teaches us to manage challenging emotions arising from interpersonal interactions by offering a supportive environment to articulate our thoughts and feelings. This creates a space where inner thoughts can be shared openly with others.

In group therapy, we discover that we're not alone in our challenges. Others can offer support, may share similar experiences or struggles, and can collaborate in problem-solving. Simultaneously, the group setting offers the chance to observe, understand, and receive feedback on our interactions with others, identifying any obstacles to achieving our life goals. While group therapy provides support, care, and love, it also serves deeper purposes, such as helping individuals understand barriers to satisfying relationships, navigate conflicts, and learn how conflicts can lead to intimacy. 

The primary goal of group therapy is to equip individuals with the skills needed for fulfilling relationships outside of therapy.

In group, participants:

  • Allow others to affect them.

  • Communicate openly and honestly about their reactions.

  • Actively work on identified problems using the group process.

  • Express thoughts and feelings verbally instead of through actions.

Currently, I am interviewing patients for my upcoming group (starting 21 January 2024). This group will meet on Sundays from 12 noon - 1.30 pm MT, online through Zoom, for 90 minutes and will be led by myself and supported by my intern, Marcy Kralik. This group will consist of a maximum of 8 participants (adults, 18+) and will be billed at $75 per session. You can learn more here

My approach is rooted in interpersonal process-oriented group therapy, as explored above; you can also learn more about this approach here and here.


Whether a new or existing patient, I encourage you to book in for a Free Meet & Greet for New Group Therapy Patients to discuss whether group might be right for you. And to learn a bit more about group with me, please feel free to read my Group Therapy Agreement.

Current Groups

“It takes people to make people sick and it takes people to make people well again.”

Harry Stack Sullivan

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