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Support Group


Relationships heal. In group therapy, we meet people with whom we can form bonds and seek healing. Group therapy is a “triple-E” treatment, meaning group is effective, equivalent to individual therapy, and efficient (it’s more affordable!). 

The connections experienced within groups can help us learn how to better know and be known by others, explore vulnerability, and see – in real time – the impact that we have on others, as well as the impact they have on us. Group therapy offers a safer environment to try out new behaviours, explore new ways of being, and to share aspects of ourselves we may otherwise be reluctant to be open about. Importantly, group helps us learn to cope with the difficult emotions that invariably arise in interpersonal interactions by providing the space and gentle encouragement to put into words what we are thinking and feeling. This provides a space where what is inside can be shared outside, with and towards others.

In group therapy, we learn that we are not alone with our problems, that others can be available to us, and that others can help. Often, other group members may have similar experiences or struggles to your own, and you may gain insight and support from them in your own process of growth and development. In group, we interact with others, learning to work on problems together. 

At the same time, group offers the opportunity to more deeply observe, understand, and receive feedback about our ways of interacting with others, how these impact and affect others, and how these may be standing in the way of getting what we want in life. While group can be a place to receive support, care, and love, group can also serve deeper purposes: to help you understand what keeps you from having gratifying and successful relationships, to help you better navigate disagreements and conflict with others (and to learn how conflict can lead to intimacy!), and learn how to be closer to others. Ultimately, the main purpose of group therapy is to help you come to live the life you deserve – to develop the skills to have satisfying relationships outside of therapy. ​

In group, we:

  • Let others affect us.

  • Talk openly and honestly about our reactions as we become aware of them.

  • Use the group process to work actively on the problems that bring us into group - or ones that we identify during the course of therapy.

  • Put our thoughts and feelings into words rather than actions.

I am currently interviewing and wait-listing patients for groups (times and dates TBD). My current group is led by myself with the support of my intern, Marcy Kralik, and meets on Sundays from 12 noon - 1.30 pm MT. Groups meet online (using Zoom) weekly for 90 minutes, consist of between 5 and, at most, 10 participants (adult, 18+), are billed at $75 per session.


My approach is rooted in interpersonal process-oriented group therapy, as explored above; you can also learn more about this approach here and here.


Whether a new or existing patient, I encourage you to book in for a Free Meet & Greet for New Group Therapy Patients to discuss whether group might be right for you. And to learn a bit more about group with me, please feel free to read my Group Therapy Agreement.

“It takes people to make people sick and it takes people to make people well again.”

Harry Stack Sullivan

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