Chris Graham
Registered Provisional Psychologist



I believe that our ability to create meaningful connections with ourselves and those around us is central to our wellbeing. I look forward to connecting with you to support you in further embedding wellbeing in your life. I aim to provide a safer environment where you can explore yourself and your struggles and am here to support you in creating the life that you want. 

I believe that no matter how big your struggle feels today, it can be better. I am committed to ongoing training, using the latest research, and creating the meaningful therapeutic relationship necessary to support you in navigating your way toward the life you deserve. Struggles can be difficult but manageable when you have the right support.

I have particular experience working with anxiety, depression, trauma, people of diverse abilities, identity, stress, sex and sexuality, trans and gender diverse care, and intersections between these identities and experiences.

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Sometimes we don't have a firm sense of who we are and I often hear "I just want to figure out who I am." I think that therapy offers a great opportunity to explore, change, or create our identity outside of the judgment that we can often experience in life. I'd love to support you in getting to know yourself better.

Ducks Over the Lake

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary J. Oliver