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Child Psycholgist


Please Note: I am only available for assessment services in Calgary at this time.

A psychological or psychoeducational assessment involves gathering information to help gain a deeper understanding of how an individual learns and processes information. Assessments can be completed with children, adolescents, and adults and can help to identify what may be impacting academic, social, work, or overall psychological well-being.

An assessment involves using standardized tests (for example, tests of intelligence or academic achievement), observations, rating scales, detailed history, interviews, and consultation. Psychological assessment may help to identify:

  • Attention disorders (e.g., ADHD)

  • Learning disabilities 

  • Mood and anxiety disorders 

  • Executive functioning and self-regulation deficits

  • Intellectual ability

  • Giftedness

  • Language disorders 

  • Behavioural problems​

This information can be used to develop a plan to succeed in the classroom, at work, and in everyday life. Assessment can identify strengths and areas of need. Having this insight is empowering and can be used as a guide in achieving one’s full potential. A psychoeducational assessment can help set realistic academic expectations. It can also identify what strategies, tools and resources will maximize learning. This can also help determine the most effective academic environment and study strategies for an individual’s learning style.

I am conscientious in my approach to assessment and patient well-being is my priority. I see myself as an advocate for those I work with and go above and beyond in developing a deeper understanding of what is going on and what supports may best help. Read below more below about assessment pricing, a rough sketch of the assessment process, and how to talk to your child about assessment.

Book in for a free initial assessment consultation with me today to learn more about how I might be able to support you.

Assessment: About Me


All assessments include intake (i.e., initial meeting), scoring and interpretation, summary & discussion session, and written report.

Prices below reflect estimates that may change based on your unique needs.
For assessments other than those listed, please get in touch. Fees will generally be quoted at $200/hour.


Psychoeducational Assessment

Includes, as needed, assessment of the following areas:​

  • Cognitive

  • Social & Emotional

  • Mental Health

  • Adaptive

  • Executive 

  • Academic


ADHD Assessment

Includes, as needed, assessment of the following areas:​

  • Cognitive

  • Social & Emotional

  • Mental Health

  • Adaptive

  • Executive 


Gifted Assessment

(e.g., for CBE & CCSD)

Includes assessment of the following areas:​

  • Cognitive

  • Academic


Gifted Assessment 

(e.g., for Westmount Charter)

Includes assessment of the following areas:​

  • Cognitive

Assessment: Price List


What to Expect

Depending on the referral question and your particular needs, the assessment process takes 6-8 weeks (on average) from intake to final report.

1. Initial Meeting

We will meet to discuss questions or concerns and determine how I can best be of help.

2. In-Person Assessment Sessions

Assessment sessions involve various tests, as needed, to measure overall intellectual abilities, memory, attention, reasoning and organizational/planning skills. Breaks will be built into testing sessions as needed. Psychoeducational assessments typically require 2 in-person sessions lasting 2-3 hours.

3. Interviews, Questionnaires, & File Review

I will interview and send questionnaires, as appropriate, to parents, teachers, and the individual being assessed. I may also ask for pertinent records (e.g., report cards, school records, etc.) to help me gain a deeper understanding.

4. Report Writing and Developing Recommendations

All of the information gathered is interpreted and summarized in a comprehensive report. This report may offer diagnoses that may help in providing a deeper understanding. In this report, recommendations may be made regarding any necessary school accommodation, at-home support strategies, and therapeutic or behavioural interventions that may be helpful.

5. Summary & Discussion Session

We will meet to review findings and to discuss recommendations and best next steps.

6. Written Report

Following your feedback session, I will finalize and send you a written report outlining findings from our work together. You may choose to share this assessment report with, for example, a school or university to help provide appropriate supports.

Assessment: Credentials


This document discusses how you might introduce the idea of assessment to your child and how to prepare them for assessment sessions.

Assessment: Files
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